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Remote Usage

Using a remote is as easy as tapping a "real" remote: tap a button to issue an IR signal, hold a button to transmit a repeated signal, if configured:


The second remote is served by iRed2 on a Mac. If you tap the button on the top right (1.5), you can choose whether you want to reload the remote (because it may have changed on the iRed2 server), or if you want to make a copy of this remote right into iRedTouch. After that you can edit and use this remote without the Mac and iRed2 being running:

After "Copy to Local", the new local remote is displayed and can be edited.


Changing remotes

  • Tap the "Remotes" button at top to show the remotes's list of remotes, then choose the next remote.
  • or "flick" on the title bar to left or right. 
  • A tap onto the title bar will show the remotes list immediately (no slide effect)

To have related remotes side-by-side, re-order the remotes as seen above.


Button feedback

Of course, when you tap a button which has an IR action associated, the respective IR code will be sent. If the button has a repeat function, the IR code will be sent as long as you hold the button.

As a feedback, the screen "jumps" a little bit. If you'd rather like an audible feedback, you may change this on the Settings page: