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Using Templates

Template remotes may be used create a new remote very quickly. All buttons and all codes can be part of the template. But even when you only need an background image for a remote, templates are useful.

We may start from the Remote Editor page to create a full remote, or from the Image page to only use an image from a template:


Tap "Template Repositories on the first page shown, or "Templates" on the image page. Either one brings you to the template chooser:

By default, the first section "Built-In" is selected and lists all templates which are built into iRedTouch.

The next section "Remotes" lists all of your already created remotes, to be used as a template for a new one again:

If you have a Mac with iRed2 running, the third section lists all remotes of this iRed2 server:

The last section lists templates on web servers on the Internet:

At top of the page you see the name of this very server, "" for example. You may even use your own web server. Tap the bookmarks icon on top right to access the bookmarks page:


By editing these bookmarks, you may add your own web server to the list of bookmarks. The second screenshot shows this situation. Please note that you don't have to add "http://" in front of the URL!

The pages on the web server which are accessible as remote templates have to fulfill some requirements, though. This is explained on a  separate page.

Wherever you found the template you want to use, tap the name on the list to preview it, then tap "Done" to choose this template, or tap the back button to go back to the template chooser: