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Mac OS X (Mountain) Lion

Notes on iRed2 and Mac OS X (Mountain) Lion

iRed2 V2.1 is running on Apple's latest Mac OS X 10.7(8) "Lion", however if your Mac is (now) starting in 64-bit mode and you are using a IRTrans USB, you'll need to upgrade the USB driver:

  • Quit iRed2
  • Unplug the IRTrans
  • Download driver from FTDI's page
  • Open package and install FTDIUSBSerialDriver_10_4_10_5_10_6
  • On my system it takes a little time "to optimize system performance"
  • No need to reboot!
  • Plug in the IRTrans USB
  • Start iRed2

For more info on 64-bit mode, please see my troubleshooting page.

If you find any problems which appeared with "Lion", please let me know: ""


More bugs on Lion

Bugs found by my iRed users: 

  • iRed's internal webserver is not working on Lion, i.e. you can't use remotes from iRedTouch or in Safari. Fixed in 2.1.2 build 307