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NEW: Philips hue supported

The Philips hue system is a quite expensive but very versatile equipment to control LED bulbs remotely by a so-called bridge. You can change the color of bulbs, their brightness, even some alert modes are available.

Starting with iRed V2.3 you can control these lights by remote buttons or triggers. Unfortunately, support for Philips hue is only possible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later.

Please also note that hue actions can not (yet) be repeated very quickly. There are some limitations in the hue system, but in iRed, too.

To configure your Philips hue for iRed2, first grab the IP adress of the hue bridge. This can be done by visiting this web adress: If you have a hue bridge on your local network, the browser will repsond with a line like here:



  • Open iRed‘s Preferences, 
  • Enter Philips hue section
  • Enter the IP Address
  • Press the center button on the hue bridge
  • Within 30 seconds click „Create username ...“

A username will be created on the bridge with which iRed will then be allowed to communicate with the bridge:



To add a Philips hue action, choose one from the „New ...“ popup in a devices category:

  • The label name will be set automatically depending on your choices.
  • Use the „Light“ popup to choose which light to be affected.
  • Click on one of the small circular buttons in the first column to choose the parameter to be changed
  • Use the popup for more options, e.g. whether to set a value absolute or relative
  • Enter a value - the possible range is shown at the right

If you choose „Color“, click the color well to get a standard color chooser. Unfortunately the hue system has not the same color range as your monitor ;-)