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Wake up by IRTrans USB

 All modern IRTrans modules have the ability to wake up a connected Mac, when a certain IR code is recognized. Unfortunately iRed2 does not yet support the setting of this wakeup code, however there is a workaround, at least for IRTrans USB modules.

You need to install iRed V1 for this, download it from here.

You also need to install the USB with all options checked. The USB driver is located here.


This manual page is under construction. If you don't have iRed 2.1 beta 3, then please scroll down and see how to use iRed V1 to achieve setting the wakeup code.


How to set Wakeup code with iRed 2.1 (in beta)

Please note that only certain IRTrans modules have this feature, and that only non-raw codes will work. You will also need to configure your IRTrans accordingly. 

Open Action Editor, then

  1. Choose code from your library
  2. Choose module, if you have more than one
  3. Click "Set as Wakeup Code"

The IRTrans module will blink a few times, and that's it, on part of iRed2. 


How to set Wake Up code with iRed V1

  • Make sure that iRed2 is NOT running.
  • Make sure that no IRTrans LAN module is connected, because iRed 1 does not work with modern firmeware versions
  • Start iRed
  • The license panel will appear:

  • Click "Later", because you don't need nor have a iRed 1 license
  • Open the Preferences panel and make sure that USB is checked and your module is recognized:

  • Open the Inspector from the "Tools" menu:

  • Add an IR code using the button at the top, then enter "Remote Control" and "Description" as shown above. In this example I am using the IR code "Power" of the remote "Terratec"
  • CLick "Learn IR-Code...", the learn panel appears:

  • Click "Learn...", then transmit the IR code from your remote to the IRTrans. If the code was learned, the panel looks like here:

  • Please note that raw codes can not be used as wakeup codes!
  • Click "Save", then "Close".
  • With the new IR code selected in the Inspector, choose "Set as Wakeup Code" from the Tools menu:

  • The IRTrans shows some LED flashes
  • Quit iRed
  • That's it

To make the IRTrans responsive even when the Mac is sleeping, you also need to do an easy hardware modification. Please see the documentation which came with your IRTrans, or this page for the details. 

Test Wake Up

  • Connect the IRTrans directly to the Mac, powered USB hubs may also work
  • Make sure that the USB driver is installed correctly, including the startup items FTDIReEnumerate located in "/Library/StartupItems"
  • Send the Mac to sleep
  • Press the respective button on your remote -> the IRTrans flashes some times, the Mac should wake up