iRed2 is the ultimately flexible remote control - use it on your Mac or on your iPhone! 

  • Control your HiFi, Video, DVD, whatever, by infrared from your Mac (*)
  • Supports IR modules from IRTrans (USB, LAN, WiFi) and Global Caché (GC-100, iTach)
  • Create your own remote controls with iRed's graphical editor
  • Control iTunes from your mobile device - best from the iPhone or iPod touch! 
  • Control your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation - using your iPhone or an Apple Remote
  • Please visit the demo videos page to see what's possible, or check the screenshot gallery.
  • iRed2 2.5 is the latest version. Please go to the download page. or see Release Notes.
  • iRed2 is 64-bit and compatible with macOS High Sierra up to macOS Big Sur
  • USB modules are now working on macOS Big Sur. See this site for details.
  • iRedTouch, the application running on the iPhone or iPodTouch is available on the App Store.
  • iRedTouch HD was designed especially for the iPad, available on the App Store.



Even without Infrared Modules and Remote Controls ...

  • Use keyboard hotkeys or timers to trigger any of iRed2's actions
  • Trigger AppleScripts for the full Mac Magic
  • Control Philips HUE devices
  • Purchase IR modules (see below) to unleash iRed2's full potential


Control your Mac with your Apple Remote(s)

Not only Front Row, but also iTunes, PowerPoint (tm), Keynote, QuickTime Player, VLC Player, ...

You might not know that every Apple Remote is different, but iRed can distinguish up to 256 different Apple Remotes. You can dedicate one Apple Remote to iTunes, another one to iPhoto. You don't need to buy hundreds of these - any programmable remote may learn Apple Remote codes. Please note that for this feature your Mac needs a built-in IR port. Unfortunately Apple has removed the IR port from new (2012) MacBooks (Pro and Air). What a bummer :(

Control your HiFi/DVD/TV/Satellite devices, right from your Mac

iRed was built with infrared in mind. In conjunction with a device like the IRTrans USB or LAN module, you can transmit IR codes to your devices. While sitting at your Mac, you can control your amplifier or switch channels on your satellite receiver with one click. With iRed's trigger features, it is even possible to use system-wide shortcuts, or you can use iRed's built-in timers for scheduled recordings!

All this and more from your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Everything which can be controlled from the Mac, is now at your fingertips on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Control your HiFi/video devices, do your PowerPoint presentation, even send your Mac to sleep, all remotely from the sofa in your local WLAN or on-the-go via the Internet! No need for "jailbreaking" the iPhone, because the built-in Mobile Safari is enough to talk to iRed.

A native iPhone application is available from the App Store, too! It's called iRedTouch.

For the iPad, a special app named iRedTouch HD is available, also on the App Store.

Supported Modules

If you want to control your TV, audio, DVD, ..., an infrared (IR) module is required. 

iRed was initially built for the IRTrans transceivers. These are available as USBLAN or WiFi modules, are small and have a sleek design. The infrared capabilities are very good, they can learn and transmit about every IR code. 

With iRed2 V2.1, support for Global Caché's GC-100 and their brand new iTach has been added.

More infos .... 

License, System Requirements, etc.

No more Licenses: iRed 2 has become freeware in April, 1st, 2019, no joke ;-) It will still beeing supported and maintained by me, don't worry.

System Requirement: iRed2 2.5 runs on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) at least up to macOS 11 (Big Sur). It does no longer support older macOS before 10.13.

 (*) This requires an IR module. See this page for details.